This picture shows my father in 1954 and the horn is a single B flat instrument with an A stopping valve but without an F extension. It was made by the Danish firm of J.K. Gottfried who have since stopped making horns.

Like all horn players of the 1920's, my father started with a single F horn, for the first months a used instrument (probably a Schmidt). He soon purchased a new F horn by Gottfried for the sum of 300 Danish crowns including the case.He afterwards played everything (including Bach's First Brandenburg Concerto and Haydn's "Hornsignal" Symphony!) from 1929 until about 1940 when the loan of an instrument owned by the Danish Radio Orchestra made him realize the advantage of the shorter B flat horn in very fast passages. This was in fact while he was preparing the Saint-Saens Concertpiece and Schumann's Adagio and Allegro for a live broadcast. He used this borrowed instrument, a double horn by Gebr. Alexander (model 103) alongside his single F horn until he left the Danish Radio at the end of December 1944. On leaving for Iceland in December of 1945, he purchased the single B flat horn shown since no double horn was available. Shortly before moving Gothenburg to Stockholm, through the good offices of Halmstads Musikhandel he came into contact with Gebr. Alexander's compensating horn, a model to which he remained true for the rest of his active horn-playing career.
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